Our aim is to retain as much as possible, using reconstruction and replacement work only where absolutely necessary for various reasons.

When treatment is necessary, it must involve the least possible intervention on the actual tooth, bone or soft tissue. Where there is no damage, we use preventive dental care to keep things that way. However, we also place great emphasis on prophylactic dentistry in cases where treatment work is carried out, to reduce the risk of new damage occurring and to ensure that the excellent results last long into the future.

We are able to diagnose and treat most tooth and soft tissue problems from minor cases of caries, enamel damage or superficial gum inflammation to serious cases of tooth decay, gum disease, lost teeth or cosmetic problems. Here we use infection control and bone regeneration methods, implants (Straumann ITI or Nobel Biocare (Brånemark)) and prosthetics. Orthodonty when teeth need adjusting and endodonty for complicated root infections are carried out by our external consultants.

One of our key interests is cosmetic dentistry, which is a natural part of all our treatment. Tooth whitening, discolouration and crooked teeth which can have a negative effect on the appearance are all handled with expert care.

Two important factors for our development are evaluation and further training. We evaluate the results of our work in various ways. This may involve monitoring treatments, sending questionnaires to patients, or reviewing and checking our procedures. One example is the recent control of our hygiene procedures, the results of which were subjected to external examination. Evaluations provide the basis for good and safe treatment. Skills enhancement programmes for staff and management regarding computer technology and implant work were performed recently. Continuous training for all or part of the staff is carried out each year. As an example, courses in emergency medicine and in reconstructive surgery.

In autumn 2002, the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare conducted a random control of our implant procedures at the clinic. Their assessment was that "the clinic is well-run and appropriately equipped and had good and informative documentation regarding implant treatment."

Ongoing further training for all staff enables us and the clinic to keep abreast with the latest research and expertise in the field, thus providing an additional sense of security for both ourselves and our patients.